Thursday, October 27, 2011

Welcoming and Saying Farwell

 Elder Bourne (2), Elder Bourne (1),(Yes they are brothers), Elder Rowell and Elder Sikuea all received their visas for PNG. We're going to miss these great Elders. All except Elder Bourne (1) these Elders were part of our 1st intake. We all wish them well in their continuing service.
 We couldn't figure out how everyone had collected more luggage just since their arrival. Somehow they got everything to meet the weight allowance.
 The Last Breakfast! These Elders don't even look like they got up at 3:30 a.m.
 Elder Ames our one new Elders from Warrenton, Mossouri is going to have to do the work of the nine Elders who left this week. We think he can do it!
 Sister Holladay from Longwood, Florida will be serving in the Christchurch Zone with Sister Fetu'u.

 It was a tight fit in the back of President Kezerian's car. It's a good thing Elder Russon has been working so hard that he lost weight or he wouldn't have fit in.
 We hope we all meet again. Elder Utai, Elder Hill, Elder Peterika, Elder Russon, Elder Fredrickson and Sister Wu all head home.

We've added a wonderful new daughter to our family. We know Sister Wu will continue to be a missionary always.

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