Saturday, March 31, 2012

Visiting our Family History Missionaries at the Archives

 It was enlightening to visit Elder and Sister McVey and Elder and Sister Overton in their hideaway on the 1 1/2th floor of the National Achieves.Only ten stations like this exist outside the United States and three of them are in New Zealand
 They work hard and fast every day. There job is to digitize some 325,000 probates that represent about 4,000,000 documents or 10% of the holdings in Wellington. The project is estimated to be about 10 years in length and is only 1 of the 4 repositories that Archieves New Zealand has. There is one in Christchurch where Sister Nation and Sister Cheilus are working. One in Auckland where Elder and Sister McVey went to train the new missionaries and the final is to be  in Dunedin soon.
 Elder McVey has charted and organized statistics as to how much they are getting done, how fast and how long it should take to finish.
 President Kezerian learning the process.
 We had the opportunity to digitize records from the Masterton area. They have amazing programs and cameras to help with the work.
 Fiona Clark, who is in charge of the Archives in Wellington, gave us a tour of the Facilities. She showed us a 1958 video of the original Maori Mormon choir from Templeview. We then went into the Waitangi Treaty room and saw what was left of the original treaty that has been eaten away by rats chewing the skin that it was written upon.
Fiona was so accommodating and thoughtful in her preparations for our tour. She researched things she thought we would be interested in. She showed us the records of the second Maori King Tawhiao.

 She had this picture and a little on his claim to believe in Mormonism. He was quoted as stating, "My people in the North are believers also in Mormonism, and it is my wish that all the Maori should be of the faith." Other Maori joined the LDS Church based on a prophecy they claimed Tawhiao made in the 1860's - that messengers of God would come from over the Sea of Kiwa (the Pacific Ocean), traveling in pairs and teaching the Maori people in their own language.  When some who heard Tawhiao's prophecy observed pairs of Mormon missionaries from the United States teaching in Maori language, they immediately accepted Mormonism. Tawhiao accurately predicted the site of the Hamilton New Zealand Temple, which was built in 1958.

There is a great article in the 1981 New Era on the Maori.

We walked through the "Stacks" in Archives New Zealand where they have some 40,000,000 items in their possession. What a great tour!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

More Zone Conferences

 Our Senior Couples just love getting together on the North Island. It's a little harder for the South Island couples to gather but we're going to make it happen.
 We're still updating our Area Books. They are going to be one of our most valuable resources.
 At our next Zone Conferences we're going to check our progress on keeping accurate and up to date Area Books.
 There is no higher calling than to bring the blessings of the gospel of Jesus Christ into the lives of others.
 The Elders all kindly allow the Sisters to be served first. Such gentlemen.
 Elder Risenmay, his son, Elder Tukukino and Elder Van Beek. We even got to hear remarks and tesimony from Elder and Sister Risenmay's son who was visiting from America.
 Thanks for all the great photos Elder Kaufusi!

Southland Zone

 Christchurch Zone

Nelson District

In his book, "Matthew Cowley Speaks," Matthew Cowley said, "God bless us all that we may have strength and endure to the end, to run the race and run it well. Be loyal and faithful and sustain one another in our work in the Church. Magnify our calling. Be humble before the Lord and in our humility God will magnify us as he always does beyond our own experience, our own age, and our own natural ability to do things."

Matthew Cowley served as a missionary in New Zealand from 1914-1919 during which time he revised the translation of the Book of Mormon in Maori and also translated the Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price into that language.

He then returned home, married, completed law school, and was practising law when he was called to preside over the New Zealand Mission. He served as Mission President for 7 years after which he was called to be an apostle.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

In With the New, Out With the Old

We love all our new Elders and Sisters. (Sadly we are still not receiving our U.S. missionaries)
Elder Hehepoto, Elder Bender, Elder Ila'i, Elder Fahina, Elder Levy, President Kezerian. Front: Sister Kezerian, Sister Fitisemanu and Sister Kei.
New games. This will be great for family home evenings.
Sister Kei and Sister Fitisemanu. New Zealand has the best ice cream ever!!
A few of our Elders that will be returning home and their companions came to bear testimony and meet our new missionaries. 

Elder Robins and Elder Hussein had to head out to the airport early to get Elder Hussein home to Fiji. 
Our missionaries heading home. Sister Palmer, Elder Robinson, Elder Stratford, Elder Metusela, Elder Lauvao, Elder Rollins and Elder Robins. Elder Lemalu was being interviewed by President Kezerian

Home to Samoa. 

Elder Finlinson and Elder Lemalu - our assistants to the President.  
Sister Palmer received this fragile gift from a Kiribis member and is carrying it all the way home to the U.S. 

Two New Missionaries!

 Sister Tuifelasai has finally arrived. She spent an extra 3 weeks in the MTC learning English but now she is anxious to serve. We're so excited to welcome another sister. We have several Samoan Wards so we're sure her Samoan language skills will be of great value.
Elder Beck is serving in the Wellington New Zealand Mission temporarily as he awaits his visa to continue on to the Perth, Australia Mission. He is originally from Oregon but has lived in Christchurch for the past 5 1/2 years. We warmly welcome them both!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Zone Conference and Leadership Training

 Checking out the Area Books.
 Even our Senior Couples learned something new about the Area Books.
 Thanks for the lovely meal!
Wellington Zone Conference. 

We had Elder and Sister Burton with us during our North Island Zone Conferences and they gave us good advice for eating healthy. Elder Finlinson is putting it into practice already.
 The day we talked about making wise food choices and everything on the menu was perfect!
Even fruit for desert. 
 Elder Aumua and Elder Murphy.
 Preparing for the new phones to arrive.
 Hutt Valley Zone.

Our newest missionaries, Elder and Sister Hadlock who will be serving in Dannevirke. They served in this very mission and couldn't get enough. They're back to take up where they left off. Welcome!!
 We just had to show the Burton's the lovely Tamaki Chapel and all the history it contains. Having served his mission in New Zealand, this was a treat for Elder Burton.

 Palmerston North Zone including the Burton's.
 Sister Lavea and Sister Kezerian and Sister Posala.
 Saying good-bye to Sister Melota.
We're all going to miss her as she returns home after serving so well.

 Hawke's Bay Zone checking out their Area Books.
 New Phones have arrived for the mission.
 The missionaries only had their phones for minutes and the calls were pouring in.
 What a feast!

 Elder Vaioleti, Elder Tamale and Elder Nelson.
 Sister Itaia, Sister Hemi, Sister Kezerian, Sister Temakau and Sister Tito. Yea for sister missionaries!
Elder Farns celebrated his birthday on Zone Conference Day. The Farns are so involved in two stakes and with all the missionaries in their area. I don't know how anyone would survive without them.