Sunday, March 25, 2012

More Zone Conferences

 Our Senior Couples just love getting together on the North Island. It's a little harder for the South Island couples to gather but we're going to make it happen.
 We're still updating our Area Books. They are going to be one of our most valuable resources.
 At our next Zone Conferences we're going to check our progress on keeping accurate and up to date Area Books.
 There is no higher calling than to bring the blessings of the gospel of Jesus Christ into the lives of others.
 The Elders all kindly allow the Sisters to be served first. Such gentlemen.
 Elder Risenmay, his son, Elder Tukukino and Elder Van Beek. We even got to hear remarks and tesimony from Elder and Sister Risenmay's son who was visiting from America.
 Thanks for all the great photos Elder Kaufusi!

Southland Zone

 Christchurch Zone

Nelson District

In his book, "Matthew Cowley Speaks," Matthew Cowley said, "God bless us all that we may have strength and endure to the end, to run the race and run it well. Be loyal and faithful and sustain one another in our work in the Church. Magnify our calling. Be humble before the Lord and in our humility God will magnify us as he always does beyond our own experience, our own age, and our own natural ability to do things."

Matthew Cowley served as a missionary in New Zealand from 1914-1919 during which time he revised the translation of the Book of Mormon in Maori and also translated the Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price into that language.

He then returned home, married, completed law school, and was practising law when he was called to preside over the New Zealand Mission. He served as Mission President for 7 years after which he was called to be an apostle.

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