Sunday, August 28, 2011

Zone Conference After Transfers

On our return to Wellington it started to snow. We found out that it hasn't snowed like this for 30 tears. President Kezerian joked that we were feeling a little home sick so Heavenly Father sent us the snow to remind us of home. I think we can do without snow for three years.
The beauty of New Zealand in the Hawke's Bay Zone.

Even the cows here have amazing view lots.

Hawke's Bay Zone.
Elder Windhousen, Sister Posala, Sister Moantau, Elder Lott and Elder Tukukino all came in the same intake and are now serving in the same zone.

Sister Fetu'u, Sister Kezerian, Sister Dee and Sister Tailasa. These sisters get along so well they have even started to dress alike.
Palmerston north Zone.
Christchurch Zone. You have to love the missionaries.
The dignified Christchurch Zone.
Sacred Agents. The Wellington Zone really got into their zone theme. Each missionary was even given their own Sacred Agent Identification Card.

We have the most amazingly creative missionaries. The zone leaders were given the assignment to go over the basic rules of the mission and each zone reviewed in different ways. We all know that obediance brings blessings.

Sister Bwebwetara and Sister Melota. Such beautiful sisters. You can see their testimonies shine through their eyes.
The Hutt Valley Zone.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Zone Council Meeting

The Zone Leaders are never at a loss for finding exercise.
Brother and Sister Brazzeal are our wonderful Office Missionaries. They take care of so many of the details of the mission. No one could function without them.
Each of our Zone Leaders come up with a theme each month to motivate the Elders and Sisters to do their very best to be Preach My Gospel Missionaries. It's truly amazing how creative and inspired they are.
Our Office Missionaries Elder Finlinson and Elder Bonnefoy-Jenkinson find an answer to every problem and concern we have. They diligently work to see that the mission runs smoothly.

Our August Zone Council: (Back) Elder Poll, Elder Segi, Elder Fredrickson, Elder Stratford, ElderPalupe, Elder Robinson, Elder Sharkey, Elder Tuipulotu, Elder Lekias, Elder Lemalu.
(Front) Elder Purcell, Elder Metusela, Sister Kezerian, President Kezerian, Elder Skewes and Elder Rollins.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Prime Minister John Key Meets the Missionaries

On his first day in the mission field Elder Heinricks got to meet the Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key. They just happened to be on the same flight. Elder Murphy, Elder Vaemolo and Elder Fifita all enjoyed the spotlight.

Saying Goodbye and Thank You

Unfortuately we didn't get a picture of all the outgoing missionaries before they left but here are (Back) Elder Oldham, Elder Lund, Elder Richardson, Elder Rawle (Front) Elder Southon, Sister Menzie. These are wonderful, powerful missionaries who have faithfully served the Lord. Not pictured are Elder Walsh, Elder Beckwith, Elder Wright and Elder Spampinato.
Sister Menzie almost missed her flight. We didn't realize how early she needed to have her luggage loaded for an international flight. Just because she is such an angel she made it on board. We learned a lot this first time around.

Our First Intake of New Missionaries

It was great to be able to stand at gate and watch our missionaries come off the plane. We introduced ourselves, picked up their luggage and we were off to the mission home.
The assistants, Elder Purcell and Elder Lekias really helped out with all the loading and packing and planning for the missionaries.
All the new missionaries fit right in.
These Elders arrived one day early from the MTC in Auckland. They got to enjoy an extra day of a soft bed and plenty of food.
Here is our entire new intake. (Back)Elder Christensen, Elder Florian, Elder Armstrong, Elder Leendertz, Elder Heinricks, Elder Sikuea, Elder Bourne, Elder Hori, Elder Willson, (Front) Elder Greer, Elder Rowell and Elder Taelega.

Brad Wilcox Visits Wellington

Brad Wilcox came to Wellington to give a fireside for the Young Single Adults, Youth and anyone else who wanted to attend.
Our missionaries were excited to bring their investigators and be uplifted and motivated. Everyone in attendance appreciated the opportunity to be there.
Brad is an associate professor at BYU, where he also works with programs such as Especially for Youth and Campus Education Week.
As a young man, he served his mission in Chile and then was called back to that country to preside over the Chile Santiago East Mission.
Elder Falanitama, Elder Spampinato, Elder Fukofuka and Elder Hussein prepare for a baptism in Wanganui.

Palmerston North Zone Conference

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Christchurch Zone Conference

The Elders had a hard time filling out the get to know you survey. It's been too long since they were in school.
Our beautiful and good Sisters. Sister Wu and Sister Yu.
Elder and Sister Neider serving in Ashburton (Christchurch Zone).
Part of the Christchurch Zone.