Sunday, December 25, 2011

North Island Christmas Event

At our North Island Christmas Event we discovered hidden talents, enjoyed a lovely meal, and were truly uplifted in spirit and word. We do have the most faithful, obedient and diligent missionaries ever. We love and appreciate them all and all those who have returned home. The future leadership of the church is in good hands.
It was hard to say good-bye to Sister Dee. She has truly been of great service and her testimony and example will not be forgotten. She has left her make on the Wellington, New Zealand Mission.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

South Island Christmas Event

Our South Island Christmas Event was a time for everyone to celebrate the beautiful Christmas Season, share talents, enjoy a lovely meal organized by Sister Evernden and be uplifted by talks shared, viewing the First Presidency Christmas Devotional and hearing from President Kezerian. We're so grateful for the dedicated service of all the missionaries, the support they receive from their families and local members, and the many new converts who have accepted the invitation to be baptized and follow Jesus Christ.