Saturday, March 15, 2014

Specialized Leadership Training and Zone Conferences

"Missionaries must radiate the power of the Holy Ghost. We have a right to gain the Spirit by which our words and our teachings, though they may be humble, will be carried and burned into the hearts of those whom we teach so that they will feel an impression and an understanding that otherwise would not be theirs.
-President Harold B. Lee-

Specialized Leadership Training with the District Leaders, Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders from the North Island. This included Hawke's Bay, Palmerston North, Hutt Valley and the Wellington Zones.

Role Plays in action.
The Palmerston North Zone Conference

Hawke's Bay Zone Conference

Helping Hands
All the missionaries love giving service.
Elder Pelo and Elder Dutson contributing to the community.
Sister Fetu'u and Sister Sudweeks in Dunedin.
Elder Crawford and Elder Toomalatai also in Dunedin.

Missionaries joined with the community to aid after gale force winds and 1 in 100 year flooding occurred with the heavy rainfall.
Homes were swamped and 3500 households were without power.
We were well represented this year at the Creek Fest in Porirua. Members from local wards also participated in directing people during the Health and Wellness Fair.
Missionaries were thanked for their day long efforts in setting up for the community event.
Thousands of people to talk to is always a welcome sight for missionaries.
Elder and Sister Roberts organized and prepared every needful thing for our booth.
Missionaries and YSA worked together to prepare an area for children.

 photo 23e32a11-9a4b-4602-8a2c-847e8bfb6b35_zpsc11dbc2e.jpg
Christchurch Zone Conference
 photo d6ee3c3e-b2e8-465d-9bb0-32d00b131b96_zps64df7f2a.jpg
Sisters of the Christchurch Zone.
 photo ed7a534e-66f6-4865-affd-f5b6a494ff2f_zps9f8d1c6d.jpg
Companions - Sister Patterson and Sister White.
 photo 4c4ecaf3-623f-400f-9257-c051987f2dc3_zpsfc62504d.jpg
Sister Morris and Sister Saulala.

 photo 47515f73-64ea-4b1f-b984-b9e69d668622_zpsd150782c.jpg
District Leaders, Zone Leaders, Sister Training Leaders and the Assistants to the President meet in Christchurch for the South Island Specialized Leadership Training. These leaders represent the Nelson, Christchruch and Southland Zones.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

His Work and His Glory

"We are here to assist our Father in His work and His glory, 'to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man' (Moses 1:39). Your obligation is as serious in your sphere of responsibility as is my obligation in my sphere."
-President Gordon B. Hinckley-
 Arrival at the Wellington Airport
 Welcome Sisters!
 Lessons learned from the parking payment machines.
 Part of the Wellington New Zealand army of missionaries.
Welcome!! Meet our new missionaries. Back: Elder Schumaker (South Jordan, Utah), Elder Inglis (Cairns, Australia), Elder Wenke (Neuenkirchen, Germany), Elder Riki (Tauranga, New Zealand), Elder Salyer (Pollock Pines, California), President Kezerian. Front: Sister Foliaki (Auckland, New Zealand), Sister Delgado (Sydney, Australia), Sister Breakall (Twin Bridges, Montana), Sister Turvey (Trowbridge, England), Sister Kezerian.
Elder Kaka and Elder Tui'ihalangingie Assistants to the President and dedicated missionaries.
Elder and Sister McGregor doing a wonderful job in the office and getting to know everyone in the mission.
 Farwell - We look forward to hearing of the wonderful lives of our Returned Missionaries. Back: Elder Tautua'a (Tonga), Elder Palmer (Utah, USA), Assistants-Elder Tu'ihalangingie, Elder Kaka. Front: Elder Bender (Tasmania, Australia), Elder Smith (St George, Utah), Elder Leonard (Hamilton, New Zealand), Elder Brown (Melbourne, Australia).
One more returned missionary Sister Matwaychuk (Canada). 
Visiting Balclutha. 
Elder Lawrence and Elder Zappe making plans with President Kezerian.
Everywhere in New Zealand is an inspiring landscape.
Napier District staying fit!
Flaxmere District getting the word out and getting involved in the community.

Giving service with a smile! Sister Housman, Sister Puletua, Elder Rigby and Elder Richardson.
At Mission Leadership Council singing, "God Be With You Till We Meet Again," as we say good-bye to Elder and Sister Freeman.
Welcoming Elder and Sister McGregor and presenting the Rugby Ball that all the missionaries have been signing for the Freeman's during the months leading up to their departure. Thanks for all you've done! We have all been touched by the Freeman's.