Saturday, February 25, 2012


On our way up to New Plymouth we saw hundreds of old American cars. Ford, Chevrolet, Buick, Pontiac, Cadillac, Chrysler, Dodge and Mercury were all on display. American flags were flying everywhere. We felt right at home.
This is the same year Mustang as President Kezerian is restoring at home. He just had to jump in.
President Kezerian also said car shows are the best place to find new investigators. I'm not sure about that.

Elder and Sister Hirsche have been working hard to get Open Houses going in their District. They have had great support and enthusiasm from the members.
 Sister Wilson had a feast for the Elders at the Wanganui District Training and Interviews. Elder Hemi, Elder Petaia, Elder Howard and Elder Neill. Front Elder Metusela and Elder Hunt.
 Helping out at the Open House were Elder Dalit, Elder Lammi, Elder Cerros, Elder Strasser and Elder Sayers. Right at home in front of the Army of Helaman Missionary Display.
 Elder and Sister Hirschi created all the posters and gathered all the display materials.
 Our area Seventy Elder Thomson and his lovely wife.
President Gaastra and his wife.
 The sausages were a hit.
 The Priesthood was well represented.

 This dear sister made this temple cake and served it to everyone at the Open House.

On our way back to Wellington we saw Mount Taranaki for the first time since we've been in New Zealand. It has always been covered by clouds on our previous visits. This site was the background for the movie The Last Samuria.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Art Deco Days in Napier

Sister Tito and Sister Palmer really got everyone's attention in Napier. They are such outgoing missionaries.
Sister Itaia, Sister Tito, Sister Temakau and Sister Palmer all enjoyed talking with the many visitors at Art Deco Days. Everyone comes to Napier dressed in period clothing from the 1920's and 1930's. There are big car and air shows, outdoor vendors, concerts, puppet shows and more. Following the Earthquake that destroyed the city in 1931, the city was rebuilt in the Art Deco Style that was popular at the time. About 25 years ago the city started celebrating Art Deco Days and the tradition has been handed down in families and all the events are well attended.
Sister Tito preaching the word by the way.
 As I was taking pictures, this man stopped and posed. I didn't think he would move till I took his picture. Taking pictures was a wonderful way to open conversations to visit with people and we saw some amazing costumes. What a fun family tradition this city and country have.

They had been having a puppet show here for the children

 One of the decorative themes of the period were fountains representing the dawn of the modern age.
Even cruise ships stopped by for the festivities.

As part of the air show there were 5 vintage World War II Douglas Dauntless Dive Bombers from the US Marine Air Corps, they now have New Zealand Air Force insignia's on the side. These are the same Fighter/Bombers that President George H Bush flew in the South Pacific, where he almost lost his life after being shot down.
 The soup kitchens and poor were also represented.

After the sisters had provided a dress for me to wear and allowed me to go proselyting with them, we just had to enjoy  New Zealand's best ice cream - Rush Monro's. Missionary work is great fun and so rewarding!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Conference and Interviews

President Kezerian encouraged all of the missionaries to be prepared to share a three minute message with people they meet. Sometimes we only have three minutes to make an impact and pique someone's interest.  We have to be bold, fearless, courageous yet humble. All missionaries need to be studying and preparing for their investigators. As missionaries begin their study time with prayer and seek and follow the Spirit, their teaching will be understood and effective.

 The Relief Society sisters are always taking good care of the missionaries and feeding them well. Elder Christensen, Elder Robinson, Elder Teaupa, Elder Ma'u, Elder Willson and Elder Langkilde can all attest to this after our wonderful lunch in the Nelson District.
 Elder Phillip, Elder Tepaki, Elder Murphy, Elder Barnes, Elder Kasala, Elder Kaumavea, Elder Maas, Elder Tukuafu and President Kezerian at the Harbour District Conference.
 Our newest arrival to the mission, Sister Temakau just arrived this week after spending a few extra weeks in the Missionary Training Center learning English. WELCOME!
 Elder Kim and Elder Salaivao sing even better than they play the piano.
 Sister Temakau, Sister Tito, Elder Hopoate, President and Sister Kezerian, Elder Vaioleti, Elder Norford, Elder Kim, Elder Seneviratne, Elder Pae'a. Front- Elder Cook, Elder Salaivao, Elder Nelson and Elder Kelly
 Always happy. Especially after lunch.
Elder Hingano and Elder Tebau quick to clean up. Actually everyone just pitches right in. We have awesome missionaries!!!!!

It's like a photo shoot after district and zone conferences. Well this time my only picture that turned out was the one of the cameras being sit up.