Thursday, October 27, 2011

Welcoming and Saying Farwell

 Elder Bourne (2), Elder Bourne (1),(Yes they are brothers), Elder Rowell and Elder Sikuea all received their visas for PNG. We're going to miss these great Elders. All except Elder Bourne (1) these Elders were part of our 1st intake. We all wish them well in their continuing service.
 We couldn't figure out how everyone had collected more luggage just since their arrival. Somehow they got everything to meet the weight allowance.
 The Last Breakfast! These Elders don't even look like they got up at 3:30 a.m.
 Elder Ames our one new Elders from Warrenton, Mossouri is going to have to do the work of the nine Elders who left this week. We think he can do it!
 Sister Holladay from Longwood, Florida will be serving in the Christchurch Zone with Sister Fetu'u.

 It was a tight fit in the back of President Kezerian's car. It's a good thing Elder Russon has been working so hard that he lost weight or he wouldn't have fit in.
 We hope we all meet again. Elder Utai, Elder Hill, Elder Peterika, Elder Russon, Elder Fredrickson and Sister Wu all head home.

We've added a wonderful new daughter to our family. We know Sister Wu will continue to be a missionary always.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Great Wellington New Zealand Missionaries

 Hawkes Bay Zone Conference.
 Flaxmere District - Elder Pa'o, ElderTukukino, Elder Kelly and Elder Vaioletti.
Zone Leaders and  Napier District - Elder Finlinson, Elder Tuipulotu, Elder Hopoate, Elder
Van Den Hoogen, Elder Leendertz and Elder Peterika.
Hastings District -  Elder Windhousen, Elder Sikuea (He just got his visa for PNG), Sister Itaia, Sister Moantau, Elder Willson and Elder Key.
 Look at all these amazing Zone Leaders and our two Assistants. We so appreciate their dedicated service. (Back) Elder Rollins, Elder Skewes, Elder Poll, Elder Segi, Elder Rowe, Elder Metusela, Elder Wihongi, Elder Findlinson, Elder Tuipulotu, Elder Lekias and Elder Lemalu. (Front) Elder Triantafilakos, Pres. and Sister Kezerian, Elder Palupe and Elder Stratford.
You just have to love every one of these Elders!

Mission History

In November 1950 Tumuaki Cowley wrote the history of the New Zealand Mission for his missionaries. He told of a convention that was called for representatives of certain tribes of the Maori race in March 1881. Many problems were discussed at the meeting, but the problem of greatest concern was the need to decide which church the Maoris should join so there would be a unity of religious belief among them.
Those attending the convention could find no answer to this great problem, so it was agreed that the matter should be decided by Paora Potangaroa, the wisest chief and the most learned man they knew. His immediate answer was just one word, “Taihoa” (wait). He wanted three days to think about the problem.
For three days Paora Potangaroa fasted and prayed for direction. Then he went before the people and said, “The church for the Maori people has not yet come among us. It will come soon. You will recognize it when it does, for its missionaries will travel in pairs. They will come from the rising sun. They will visit with us in our homes. They will learn our language and teach us in our own tongue.”
At this time the missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints had not yet taught the Maori people, although a few missionaries had been teaching the gospel to Europeans living in New Zealand.
In that very year, 1881, W. M. Bromley of Springville, Utah, was sent to preside over the New Zealand Mission. Before leaving home, he was told that the time had come for the missionaries to take the gospel to the Maori people.
When Tumuaki Cowley returned to New Zealand as mission president, he adopted the words Kia Ngawari as a slogan for all the Saints there. He had the phrase printed on little signs that could be taken into every home. Each talk Tumuaki Cowley gave ended with these stirring words. There is no exact translation for them in English. Some say the meaning is “be sincere”; others, “be loving and kind.”

We hope the missionaries effort to be sincere, loving and kind as they teach the doctrines of Christ we help us achieve our goal of bring others unto Christ.
 This lovely chapel just 10 kilometres South of Dannevirke is a treat to visit. It contains the history of the church in the area.

 100% of the labour on the New Zealand Temple was done by labour missionaries. Many lived near the temple with their families in tents as they served.
President David O. Mckay and President Mathew Cowley both stayed in this home in the front room on the right in this photo. President Harris, whose family still own the home, served as Branch President and welcomed the church leaders on several occasions.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Books for Fiji

While visiting the Fijian "Acting Head of Mission" Mere Tora, Pres. Harvey (our Stake President) and his wife Eileen asked Mere if there was anything the church could do to help Fiji.  Mere immediately responded that the youth of Fiji don't have very much to read and that if books could be provided they could be placed in rural areas and given to the kids. 

Sister Eileen Mueller the Public Affairs organizer arranged for three Stakes of the church along with community religious and political leaders to combine their efforts to gather books to be sent to Fiji.

Over 45,000 books were collected, sorted, boxed and sent to Fiji. Because the project became so large the missionaries were ask to help out. 350 boxes weighting a total of 18 tons were lifted by our mighty missionaries.
The books will arrive in Fiji in late November and the story will conclude with the books being handed out to the children by "Mormon Helping Hands" in many rural areas. This event has now been written up on the LDS website at this link:

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Southland and Christchurch

 The Great Southland Zone.
 After last month when everyone wore red. This time we were greeted by BYU BLUE!!
 Scenes from Dunedin

 Our wonderful Christchurch Zone.

Sister Yu, Sister Fetu'u, Sister Posala and Sister Wu. Sister Wu, along with Elder Fredrickson, will be returning home at the end of the month. We will miss them both greatly. You can't possible measure the impact of a single missionaries efforts. We know that each of our returning missionaries will be forever blessed for their selfless and valiant service.

Before missionaries leave the field we get to hear their departing testimonies. This has truly been a highlight of the mission to hear their powerful and bold testimonies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Others who we will hear from who are also returning home this month are:Elder Hill, Elder Utai, Elder Peterika and Elder Russon.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Beautiful New Zealand

 Pancake Flats.
 There are several amazing blowholes here.
 Hopefully you can see the rainbow.

 Greymouth Port

 Watch out President Kezerian is coming around to personally check to see if the bikes are all in working order.
 The Hutt Valley Zone is doing more than just picturing everyone in white. They are prepared for baptisms
 Sister Bwebwetara and Sister Cameron have become one not only in purpose but also appearance.
Elder Fredrickson demonstrates using the latest phones available to all missionaries going over their minutes.