Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hastening of the Work of Salvation

"Wishing will not make it so. He expects our thinking. He expects our action. He expects our labors. He expects our testimonies. He expects our devotion."
-President Thomas S. Monson-
 Every aspect of the work is hastening. Expecting our Mission Tour to begin with Elder Hamula on Wednesday, Sept. 11th, our Tuesday Sept. 10th intake, all 19 of them, needed to be interviewed on Tuesday. President Morley, second counselor in the mission presidency helped with interviews.
Luggage was loaded and assignments were made since some of the missionaries were going out into the field right after interviews, orientation and testimony meeting.
This was Elder Petaia's last day serving as an assistant. His service has been exemplary and greatly appreciated. He will be a great trainer.
A quick break for lunch.
All the missionaries received the Mission Basics, Get to Know You, Disclosure Documents for Health, Scripture inserts, the Sister Fulcher example, New Health Guidelines and all the encouragement and guidance we could give. They could hardly wait to get on their way. Some even managed to get their drivers licences on the first day.
 photo c1a2b120-0524-48bb-a5b7-2ed793f5b3d8_zps20b88be5.jpg
Back: Wellington Zone Leaders helping with transfer Elder Raston and Elder Godinet, Elder Poole (Chubbuck, Idaho), Elder Keller (Clinton, Iowa), Elder Jacobsen (Blanding , Utah), Elder Brown (Riverton, Utah), Elder Foremaster (Pleasant View, Utah), Elder Keil (Stansbury Park, Utah), Elder Zollinger (Tremonton, Utah), Elder Clark (Idaho Falls, Idaho), Elder Burnham (El Dorado Hills, California), Elder Yarrington, (Idaho Falls, Idaho), Elder Ford (Sandy, Utah), Elder Merchant (Richfield, Utah), Elder Passey (West Jordon, Utah), Elder Woodland (Leicester, United Kingdom), Elder Petaia (Assistant),Elder Tonga (Neiafu Vava'u, Tonga), Joseph (Prospective Missionary). Front: Sister Hammon (American Fork, Utah), Sister Woodbury (Kaysville, Utah), Sister and President Kezerian, President Morley, Sister Bromley (Highland, Utah), Sister Josie (Cumming, Georgia).
Sister Paongo returning home, to New Zealand, after a wonderful missionary experience and service.
Elder Salaivao returning home to Australia! Thank you!
It's great to see the Elders standing by the picture of the stripling warriors for they surely are that.
 photo c22e6c00-80a7-44a7-b55e-17e350de4f74_zps4299ef69.jpg
After completing a Tri Stake Cluster Meeting in Wellington Saturday morning we flew with Elder and Sister Hamula to Nelson for the District Leadership Meetings and the Evening Adult Session of Conference which also included the missionaries. 
Nelson Zone greeting Elder and Sister Hamula before our Sunday,7:30 a.m. Zone Conference before the Nelson District Conference. Following the District Conference we flew to Christchurch for Leadership Training with the Christchurch Stake.
Elder Hamula is a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy and serves as the Pacific Area President.
Greeting the Christchurch Zone.
Sister Niutupuivaha, Sister Fetu'u, Sister Hammon and Sister Hann by a beautifully prepared member missionary supply table.
Preparing in Dunedin to greet Elder and Sister Hamula. We didn't want to get them sick.
Looking forward to wonderful guidance and counsel. Everyone looks excited.

 photo ee04243a-d88b-47c5-8a71-3827f2d143a5_zpsba52991d.jpg
Zone Leaders Elder Kerr and Elder Siale with Sister Puletua looking on.
 photo d0ec29ee-604d-4d6d-8c84-8fd74bcdcfbb_zps12ae1a17.jpg
Southland Zone.
 photo 395fbb4a-b5fe-4f0d-8fdd-8d1955e5b7d4_zpseb2570de.jpg
Elder Smith and Elder Dutson. At each Zone Conference 2 missionaries were asked to deliver their prepared 5 minute talk. Elder Smith and Sister Crankshaw were chosen in the Southland Zone. Elder Hamula is reading each talk and will return them.
Grabbing a quick lunch prepared by Elder and Sister Webb, the missionaries were quickly on their way. 

Elder Tuckett was in the same ward as the Hamula's back in Arizona. It was reunion time.

 photo 19cbd892-be8f-4e39-afb6-1b6c395c34c7_zpsb8260113.jpg
President Hamula commented on the missionaries sense of urgency and praised them.
Elder 'Otuhouma and Elder Merchant with President Kezerian.
Spring has even come to Dunedin. The trees are in blossom across the country.
Elder Bender and Elder Cuthbertson, Palmerston North Zone Leaders.

 photo d3ed55c8-e01c-4673-8b84-7d47f05ba8ef_zps9889c45a.jpg
Combined Palmerston North and Hawke's Bay Zone Conference.
Elder Tinei and Elder Keil hastening their departure.
 photo ccc9c68a-cb65-49c4-9b4b-e139d4cae284_zps41f4a59a.jpg
Elder Hamula will be visiting Tahiti soon and will see Sister Vautier's family.
 Greeting the Wellington Zone.

 These displays are going to inspire the members in their missionary efforts.
 After the Wellington and Hutt combined Zone Conference the Mission Leader Council were instructed and challenged. We are going to find like we have never found before, we are going to give more consecrated effort, and act in His name.
Thanks to Elder and Sister Hamula! We have all been edified, uplifted and inspired to give and serve with full purpose and as full purpose missionaries.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Mission Leader Council

"If someone only changes his behavior while a missionary, then, when he goes home, he will be the very same person he was when he left, subject to the same problems that plagued him before. But if someone changes his nature, he will go home a new man, with the power and discipline to conquer his old Goliath's. . . . . If someone speaks good words but entertains bad thoughts, he has only changed his behavior, if he also changes his thoughts, then he will also change his nature. Our natures have changed when our inner motives and thoughts are consistent with our outward behavior. With the Lord's help we can transform our natures." 
-Tad R. Callister-

 Our current Sister Training Leaders - Back - Sister Rose, Sister Glen, Sister Kezerian, Sister Toutai, Sister Russell. Front: Sister Nielsen, Sister Alcock and Sister Carter.
 Our Mission Leader Council grows as the number of missionaries increases. Back: (Zone Leaders) - Elder Lawson (Hutt Valley), Elder Hunt & Elder Smith (Hawkes Bay), Elder Siale (Sourthland Zone), Elder Ma'u(Christchurch Zone), Elder Atkinson (Nelson Zone), Elder Raston (Wellington Zone), Elder Cottle (Christchurch Zone), Elder Howard (Assistant), Elder Kerr (Sourthland Zone), Elder Bender Palmerston North), Sister and President Kezerian. Center: Sister Training Leaders- Sister Toutai, Sister Alcock, Sister Rose, Sister Nielsen, Sister Glen, Sister Russell, Sister Carter. Front: Elder Tuihalangingie (Hutt Valley), Elder Godinet (Wellington), Elder Langkilde (Nelson), Elder Petaia (Assistant), Elder Kaka (Palmerston North).
 New members of the Mission Leader Council. Back: Sister Toutai, Sister Rose, Sister Alcock and Sister Neilsen. Front: Elder Kerr, Elder Raston and Elder Langkilde.
We don't know if President Kezerian was trying to get in or out of this picture.
 Queenstown Branch and visitors.
 Sister Coles, Elder Edwards, Elder Tarati and Elder Gordon.

 Our new building in Alexandra
 Queenstown District - Elder Langi, Elder Siale, Elder Paulson, Elder Harris, Elder McKenna, Elder Kerr, Elder Taufa and Elder Tuckett. Front: Elder Richardson, Elder Purcell, Sister Kezerian, Elder and Sister Coles.
A witness of truth restored.
 Nelson at sunset.

This enthusiasm for the work is contagious! 
Sister Tukuafu, Sister Unsicker, Sister Crankshaw, Sister Vila and Sister Russell all wish Sister Lee the best as she leaves for her mission in Korea.
In the foyer of the Wellinton Chapel is a wonderful table with supplies for the members to use to aid them in their missionary efforts. Let's make sure every ward and branch is well equipped and that the tables are labelled so the members know that these items are for their use in sharing the gospel. We could ask, "What items die you take this week to share with your friends?"
Elder Barnes and Elder Otuhouma serving in Oamaru.
The Oamaru Chapel has recently been expanded and updated. It will be rededicated and the public will be invited to attend.

 Canterbury District - Back: Elder Little, Elder Vimahi, Elder Salaivao, Elder Medley, Elder Olson, Sister and President Kezerian, Elder Javis Front: Sister Nuitupuivaha, Sister Rose, Sister Little and Sister Jarvis.
Sister Glen and Sister Sturzenveggar say farewell to Elder and Sister Beckstead as they complete their missionary service, They have truly been full purpose missionaries helping to reactivate, baptise, and seeing many individuals receive ordinances. Thank you Elder and Sister Beckstead!

Isn't it great to be a part of this great work! Thanks for all you do! We love you missionaries!