Sunday, July 15, 2012

Zone Leader Council

"Missionaries should take initiative. Someone has said that initiative is doing the right thing at the right time without having to be told. What a thrilling thing it is to see an aggressive, resourceful, willing, untiring, well directed, spiritual. . . missionary who can do the right things on his own initiative and keep on doing them to the end. . . That is the way it is in missionary work. There is always a better way to do it. Always something that will be more efficient to use, some plan, organization or otherwise, and that we continue to pray for."
-Spencer W. Kimball-

 Elder Christensen, Elder Barnes, Elder Heinricks, Elder Greer and Elder Florian haven't all been together since the MTC. This was a happy reunion.
 Our current Zone Leaders, Office Elders and Assistants.Back Row: Elder Florian, Elder Vaemolo, Elder Key, Elder Lammi, Elder Hopoate, President Kezerian, Elder Tepaki, Elder Lu, Elder Hemi, Elder Windhausen, Elder Niutua and Elder Christensen. Front: Elder Haiane, Elder Heinricks, Elder Barnes and Elder Greer.
Elder and Sister Smith arriving after their long flight. The Smith's are from Tremonton, Utah.
Elder Vaemolo, Elder and Sister Neider and Elder Greer warmly welcoming the Smith's to Christchurch. Elder and Sister Smith will be serving in Rangiora.
Elder and Sister Richards, now serving in the Te Hauke and Waipukurau Branchs, are from New Zealand! They drove their own car a few hours and here they are ready to serve.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Keeping Warm in Westport

"My life is like my shoes - to be worn out in service." Spencer W. Kimball
"We can't do everything for everyone everywhere, but we can do something for someone somewhere." Richard L. Evans

The missionaries, the Westport Branch and community members worked together to provide needed warmth for homes in the area. Each bag of coal delivered to needy homes, was labelled with a tag that read, "A Gift from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - Westport Branch 10-16 Dellaca Place, Westport & the Branch President's phone number." 
With the help of the Branch President, school principles, Home Builders Social Workers, Maori Trust and Work and Income (a local government organization), families were identified that could use help.
President Evernden, in working with the local Coal Company provided the coal.
Deliveries were made in 3 geographic areas. The local Westport newspaper and the regional paper will be reporting on the great effort that was put forth to help community members in need. A big thank you goes to the Turner's and everyone involved. We can always count on the missionaries!
Elder Kelly, Elder Pae'a, Sister Turner, Elder Fahina, Elder Dalit, Elder Turner, Elder Bender and Elder Christensen.

True Disciples

"We wish the brethren to understand the facts just as they are; that is,there is neither man or woman in this Church who is not on a mission. That mission will last as long as they live, and it is to do good, to promote righteousness, to teach the principles of truth, and to prevail upon themselves and everybody around them to live those principles that they may obtain eternal life."
Brigham Young
 Elder Tebau returning home to Kiribati. Elder Hussein is meeting him in Fiji, as he has an extended layover there. 
 Elder Finlinson returning home to Utah, Elder Tamale to Auckland, Elder Van den Hoogen to Australia, Elder Kasala to Utah, Elder Muphy to Hamilton, and Sister Fetu'u to Auckland.
 Our new Assistant to the President Elder Hemi, with Elder Van den Hoogen and Elder Windhausen.

 We'll miss all of our fine missionaries going home. Good Work!!! Thank you!!!
 Elder Teaupa and Elder Hirschi both had birthdays this week. Sister Beckstead is already taking care of the missionaries making a cake along with Sister Ramirez and Sister Taleni. Yummy!
Happy Birthday!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Another Open House

"Service helps us forget our own travails; it enlarges our souls and gives us greater capacity to endure our own trials"
Jack B. Goslind
 Elder Kavea, Elder Van den Hoogen, Sister Tuifelasai and Sister Fetu'u with help from the Zone Leaders Elder Hopoate and Elder Lott and ward members, put on a great open house and car wash at the Titahi Bay Chapel.
 We pulled up just to come and visit and we came back to a clean car too.
 The Sisters gave some wonderful tours of the building, introduced people to the gospel and provided books, pamphlets and DVD's.

 Members provided help and food! 

Can anyone find one of our great Returned Missionaries? BYU Hawaii offers scholarships to students who work at the Polynesian Cultural Center. The purpose of the Polynesian Cultural Center  is to share with the world the cultures, diversity and spirit of the nations of Polynesia.

Here at Last!

"The Lord has said that no one can assist with this work who is not humble and full of love. But humility does not mean weakness. It does not mean timidity; it does not mean fear. A man can be humble and fearless. A man can be humble and courageous. Humility is the recognition of our dependence upon a higher power, a constant need for the Lord's support in His work. . . . Learn to be dependent on the Lord for your success."
Ezra Taft Benson
Elder Palmer has arrived in the mission at last! Welcome! He will be serving in Oamaru with Elder Seneviretne and Elder Tebau.

Elder Smith was temporarily serving in the Omaha, Nebraska.  Since he has arrived he's worked with our Elder Windhausen, Elder Finlinson, Elder Ma'u, and Elder I'aulualo in Wellington and then flew to Christchurch where he was temporarily with Elder Alifipo and Elder Finau. He is now with his companion Elder Leendertz. I hope he's counting. He may have a new record of companions.
 Bronco Mendenhall who is the coach of the BYU-Provo Football Team and his father Paul Mendenhall who previously served as Mission President in the Auckland New Zealand Mission came to speak at a fireside in Hawkes Bay.
Coach Mendenhall from BYU spoke to rugby teams and the Hastings/Flaxmere Stake along with his father, President Paul Mendenhall and his mother, Sister Mendenhall, daughter of Elder John H Vandenburg. Coach Mendenhall encourages his players to work hard, have honor, be committed, show team spirit and be responsible. He encouraged our missionaries to do the same but have creative excitement for the work. Never be disobedient, distracted, or discouraged. Spend our lives and our time in the work of the Master.     
Elder Wehipeihana, Paul Mendenhall, Elder Beck (recently he got his visa and has gone to Australia), Elder Hunt, Bronco Mendenhall, President TeKira and President Kezerian all at the fireside.
 Elder and Sister Hayward in their lovely flat in Pahiatua. Welcome to the mission!
Saying goodbye to Elder Pa'o and Elder Segi as they make their way home to Samoa. Thank you Elders! 
 Our Zone Leaders in the Hawke's Bay Zone, Elder Haiane and Elder Heinricks.
 The missionaries in Hawke's Bay are well taken care of. We think they must offer a lot of service.
Hutt Valley Zone
Zone Leader Council 
 Our new Elders! Elder Raihauti, Elder Ebel and Elder Tarati. Elder Raihauti and Elder Tarati are from French Polynesia and Elder Ebel comes to us from the Marshall Islands. They're all doing such a great job learning English.
 Wellington Zone
 The Ascot Park Ward in the Canyon Creek Chapel always provide a lovely meal for Zone Conference.
 Elder and Sister Beckstead have finally arrived after serving their first 3 months of their mission in Alabama waiting for their visas. The Beckstead's are our good friends from Orem, Utah. We actually live in the same neighborhood. Sister Beckstead taught two of our daughter in school. We have many fond memories of serving together in church callings. 

 Elder Windhausen, Elder Finau and Elder Hopoate the night before Elder Finau returned home to Tonga after serving a great mission.
 Elder and Sister Beckstead taking their first and only driving lesson from Elder Brazzeal.
Elder and Sister Hayward in the Pahiatua Chapel which he helped to build.  It's amazing they have returned to serve here on their mission.