Monday, July 28, 2014

A Fond Farwell

One of the great purposes of a full-time mission is to prepare the missionary for his or her future role in the Church. Ours was not a three-year mission; it is an eternal mission and includes all of our mortal lives and our spiritual lives after our death we will continue to preach the gospel just as all the prophets have taught us. 
If we as returned missionaries determine to keep the same standards that we lived in the mission by being clean, looking like disciples, serving and sharing the gospel, we will always find peace and joy.
President Kezerian asked every missionary before they departed the mission field to commit to living 20 items. 
1- Look like a Missionary every day for your life. 
2-Get a great education, attend Institute classes, YSA and learn every day. 
3-Attend all your church meetings and please be early to fellowship.
4-Remember that something must be done! Don't wait to be asked.
5-Serve others through your callings, all service, home and visiting teaching.
6- Keep a Current Temple Recommend regardless, never rationalize.
7- Stay away from pornography and abuse, stay morally clean.
8- Date temple worthy individuals and focus on the House of the Lord. 
9- Love your family and be an example to others. 
10- Always show patience, forgiveness and compassion to everyone.
11- Daily scripture study, prayer and exercise.
12- Stay out of debt, hold family home evening, sing and smile.
13- Study and view all General Conference talks every six months.
14- Love life, be positive and enjoy who you are!
15- Follow the Savior, never hold a grudge and never take offense.
16- Seek for the Holy Ghost in all major life decisions.
17- Love your life's work, be honest and be the best employee you can be.
18- Honor the priesthood, use the priesthood, love your leaders. 
19- Love and serve your sweetheart and children with all your heart.
20- Serve more missions and start saving now. Keep a journal always.
President Kezerian applying "Find a Better Way" at solving any problem.
The last baptism we attended in the mission was at the Porirua Stake Center with Elder Tuckett, Elder Halladay, Sister Leausa, Sister Kennedy, Sister Woodbury and Sister Hansen.
We remember when Steve and Roxanne Shallenberger visited the mission.
Some of you may remember his karate chops!
So many friends we leave behind but hope to see again.

Our last view of Wellington Harbor.

Thanks for the love and support from all of our Senior Couple and friends from New Zealand!

We love and appreciate the Chen family.
Elder Pelo and Elder Cuthbertson already taking care of Sister Hudson's every need.
Elder and Sister Hudson on their first day in the mission. They will lead well.
As we departed the mission we flew up to Auckland where we were able to greet some of the returned missionaries living in the area. 
Enjoying time together.
You may recognize some of the teacher at the MTC!
Catching up with what has been keeping everyone busy and active.

Sharing great news.

Thanks for coming everyone!! Elder Mau, Elder Kaufusi, Elder Lu, Elder Siale, Sister Kei, Sister Pongo, Elder Philip, Elder Teaupa , Elder Mataupu, and Elder Finau.
Saying goodbye to dear Sister Toutai!
On our way home from the mission we stopped in Hawaii where we visited with President Wheelwright, President of BYU-Hawaii.
President Wheelwright is doing an amazing job at the university preparing students to go forth and serve.
Elder Tukuafu, Elder Pao, Elder Key and Elder Segi.
Sister Fetu'u and Sister Tailasa.
Returned Missionaries working at the PCC while attending BYU-Hawaii. Sister Fetu'u made leis for everyone. So beautiful! Thank you!
Our morning devotional was at the home of President Wheelwright.

With Elder Key accompanying them the missionaries sang to us.
President Wheelwright in his office on the BYU-H campus.
We think we would like to come back and go to school here! What a great school and campus.
Sister Fetu'u and Sister Bwebwetara visited with us and showed us the sights all day.
When we arrived at the Polynesian Cultural Center we were introduced to our tour guide. He might look familiar to some of you. He is the brother of Sister Nuitupu'ivaha! How amazing is that.
These were the best fried green bananas ever. Yum!
Elder Tukuafu representing Tonga.
Elder Key - Samoa.
Elder Pao - Samoa.
Someone is going to get thrown off with all this rocking.
Sister Tailasa representing Fiji

At the Maori village President Kezerian was leading as we were welcomed.
Inside the Marae. We saw Brother Walker in Hawkes Bay preparing the carvings for this building.

After the evening performance at the PCC.
Unfortunately  the temple was closed so we weren't able to go while we were in Hawaii. That would have been a treat to go with all of the missionaries. 
The church has made great efforts in constructing this beautiful entrance to the temple.
BYU Hawaii Aloha Center and Flag Circle
The motto of BYU.

Sister Hunsaker at our home in Orem. Other missionaires we got to see but didn't catch a picture of were Elder Poll, Elder Rowe and his wife Keri, Elder Palmer, Elder Atkinson, Sister Palmer Henrie and her husband and baby, Sister Holladay and her fiancée Devon, and Elder Kasala. I hope I didn't miss anyone.
Elder and Sister Hirschi.
The Saturday evening before we spoke in church we met with many of the Senior Couples at the home of Elder and Sister Farnes in American Fork and then they came to see all the other returned missionaries the next day in our ward.
What a pleasure to see so many of our missionaries!! Elder Lott, Elder Florian, Elder Armstrong, Elder Finlinson, Elder Strasser, Elder Greer and President Kezerian. Front: Elder Rollins, Elder Cottle, Elder Barnes.

Mr. and Mrs Scott Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hussein (He and his wife both served in the Wellington, New Zealand Mission.)
Mr. and Mrs. Faatoanga Fukofuka.
Elder Lott, Elder Nelson, Elder Finlinson, Elder Stratford and Elder Hogge. Thanks to one and all that we served with. We treasure our association with you all. We look forward to many happy reunions throughout the years!