Sunday, October 9, 2011

Beautiful New Zealand

 Pancake Flats.
 There are several amazing blowholes here.
 Hopefully you can see the rainbow.

 Greymouth Port

 Watch out President Kezerian is coming around to personally check to see if the bikes are all in working order.
 The Hutt Valley Zone is doing more than just picturing everyone in white. They are prepared for baptisms
 Sister Bwebwetara and Sister Cameron have become one not only in purpose but also appearance.
Elder Fredrickson demonstrates using the latest phones available to all missionaries going over their minutes.


  1. I love the pictures! You like like one of the sister missionaries, sister Kezerian! :)

  2. I love checking your blog once a week. You are in our prayers! Beautiful pictures, beautiful spirit of missionary work!!

  3. Nice blog... and great picture.
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  4. Such fun to see you and President K. In action! What a wonderful mission to be able to serve in. Lorne and have been to New Zealand twice and loved looking at the pictures.