Sunday, October 23, 2011

Books for Fiji

While visiting the Fijian "Acting Head of Mission" Mere Tora, Pres. Harvey (our Stake President) and his wife Eileen asked Mere if there was anything the church could do to help Fiji.  Mere immediately responded that the youth of Fiji don't have very much to read and that if books could be provided they could be placed in rural areas and given to the kids. 

Sister Eileen Mueller the Public Affairs organizer arranged for three Stakes of the church along with community religious and political leaders to combine their efforts to gather books to be sent to Fiji.

Over 45,000 books were collected, sorted, boxed and sent to Fiji. Because the project became so large the missionaries were ask to help out. 350 boxes weighting a total of 18 tons were lifted by our mighty missionaries.
The books will arrive in Fiji in late November and the story will conclude with the books being handed out to the children by "Mormon Helping Hands" in many rural areas. This event has now been written up on the LDS website at this link:

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