Saturday, October 15, 2011

Southland and Christchurch

 The Great Southland Zone.
 After last month when everyone wore red. This time we were greeted by BYU BLUE!!
 Scenes from Dunedin

 Our wonderful Christchurch Zone.

Sister Yu, Sister Fetu'u, Sister Posala and Sister Wu. Sister Wu, along with Elder Fredrickson, will be returning home at the end of the month. We will miss them both greatly. You can't possible measure the impact of a single missionaries efforts. We know that each of our returning missionaries will be forever blessed for their selfless and valiant service.

Before missionaries leave the field we get to hear their departing testimonies. This has truly been a highlight of the mission to hear their powerful and bold testimonies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Others who we will hear from who are also returning home this month are:Elder Hill, Elder Utai, Elder Peterika and Elder Russon.

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