Monday, December 12, 2011

Arrivals from the Auckland and Provo MTC's

 Arriving on Tuesday Elders from the Auckland MTC get to choose their beds first as the come to the mission home a day before the Provo MTC Elders. Our Assistants Elder Lekias and Elder Lemalu help make all the transitions run smoothly as transfer week progresses.
 Something new for dinner for most of these Elders. Mexican Food isn't something their use too.
 All the Elders are awesome to just jump right in and help prepare breakfast. They are welcome in our home anytime!
 The entire December intake. Back Row: Elader Hunt, Elder Cottle, Elder Dalit, Sister Kezerian, Elder Ma'u, President Kezerian, Elder Petaia, Elder Langkilde, Elder Ross, Elder Howard, Elder Cook. Front Row: Sister Huffaker, Elder Ragan, Elder Hogge, and Elder Maas.
 Elder Langkilde, Elder Howard and Elder Hogge.
 Elder Datil, Elder Ma'u and Elder Ross.
 Elder Hunt and Elder Petaia ready to conquer the world!
 We had to call on the Elder's from New Zealand to tell us what had entered into our backyard.
This was the first time some of us had seen a Hedgehog. They are pretty cute.

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