Friday, August 5, 2011

Our First Intake of New Missionaries

It was great to be able to stand at gate and watch our missionaries come off the plane. We introduced ourselves, picked up their luggage and we were off to the mission home.
The assistants, Elder Purcell and Elder Lekias really helped out with all the loading and packing and planning for the missionaries.
All the new missionaries fit right in.
These Elders arrived one day early from the MTC in Auckland. They got to enjoy an extra day of a soft bed and plenty of food.
Here is our entire new intake. (Back)Elder Christensen, Elder Florian, Elder Armstrong, Elder Leendertz, Elder Heinricks, Elder Sikuea, Elder Bourne, Elder Hori, Elder Willson, (Front) Elder Greer, Elder Rowell and Elder Taelega.

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  1. My husband and I are looking forward to joining the ranks. These pictures were fun to look at and realize that we could very well be rubbing shoulders with some that were there. Pictures are worth a thousand words. I have the first name (Elder) down. The rest are a challenge. How fun to welcome new missionaries. How sad to say goodbye to those who have been so faithful.