Monday, August 22, 2011

Zone Council Meeting

The Zone Leaders are never at a loss for finding exercise.
Brother and Sister Brazzeal are our wonderful Office Missionaries. They take care of so many of the details of the mission. No one could function without them.
Each of our Zone Leaders come up with a theme each month to motivate the Elders and Sisters to do their very best to be Preach My Gospel Missionaries. It's truly amazing how creative and inspired they are.
Our Office Missionaries Elder Finlinson and Elder Bonnefoy-Jenkinson find an answer to every problem and concern we have. They diligently work to see that the mission runs smoothly.

Our August Zone Council: (Back) Elder Poll, Elder Segi, Elder Fredrickson, Elder Stratford, ElderPalupe, Elder Robinson, Elder Sharkey, Elder Tuipulotu, Elder Lekias, Elder Lemalu.
(Front) Elder Purcell, Elder Metusela, Sister Kezerian, President Kezerian, Elder Skewes and Elder Rollins.

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  1. Sounds like all is in good hands. It's fun to put faces on names we have heard. Looking forward to joining the ranks.