Sunday, August 28, 2011

Zone Conference After Transfers

On our return to Wellington it started to snow. We found out that it hasn't snowed like this for 30 tears. President Kezerian joked that we were feeling a little home sick so Heavenly Father sent us the snow to remind us of home. I think we can do without snow for three years.
The beauty of New Zealand in the Hawke's Bay Zone.

Even the cows here have amazing view lots.

Hawke's Bay Zone.
Elder Windhousen, Sister Posala, Sister Moantau, Elder Lott and Elder Tukukino all came in the same intake and are now serving in the same zone.

Sister Fetu'u, Sister Kezerian, Sister Dee and Sister Tailasa. These sisters get along so well they have even started to dress alike.
Palmerston north Zone.
Christchurch Zone. You have to love the missionaries.
The dignified Christchurch Zone.
Sacred Agents. The Wellington Zone really got into their zone theme. Each missionary was even given their own Sacred Agent Identification Card.

We have the most amazingly creative missionaries. The zone leaders were given the assignment to go over the basic rules of the mission and each zone reviewed in different ways. We all know that obediance brings blessings.

Sister Bwebwetara and Sister Melota. Such beautiful sisters. You can see their testimonies shine through their eyes.
The Hutt Valley Zone.


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  2. Snow, coats, sweaters..... I am preparing for September Spring Weather. Love the pictures. Love the missionaries.