Saturday, March 30, 2013

So Many!

"You never can foretell the consequences of that which you do. And the man or the woman, or the boy or the girl, on whom you call today, with whom you speak, with whom you may leave a Book of Mormon, who may turn you down, may later become interested and come into this Church. . . .Strange are the ways of the Lord in touching the hearts of people. You never can tell the consequences of that which you do."
-Gordon B. Hinckley-
 Our March 27th intake is our new record largest intake! 19 missionaries!

 We had to rent extra vans and trailers just to haul the missionaries and their bags to the mission home.
 What an outstanding group of missionaries! The bar has been raised.
Dinner time at the mission home. 
 Tuesday night we only had 18 missionaries. Standing- Sister Russell (Iona, Idaho), Elder Oliva (Samoa), Elder Gordon (Payson, Utah), Elder Hilton (Deming, New Mexico), Elder Means (Sandy, Utah), Elder Hall (Vernal, Utah), Elder Nelson (Mesa, Arizona), Elder Stolp (Preston, Idaho), Elder Barnes (Pleasant Grove, Utah), Elder Williams (Los Lunas, New Mexico), Elder James (Layton, Utah), Elder Purcell (Ephrata, Washington), Elder Evans (Sandy, Utah), Elder Olson (Placencia, California), Elder Cook (Fountain Green, Utah). Front- Elder Cuthbertson (Glendale, Arizona), Elder Nevitt (San Tan Valley, Arizona), and Elder Fonokalafi (Auckland, New Zealand). All of these missionaries were trained at the Auckland Missionary Training Center in New Zealand.
Elder Heinricks has raised the standard of service. He tells the missionaries they have to earn their apron to have the privilege of helping out in the kitchen of the mission home. However, Elder Cuthbertson came with his own apron. Everyone wanted one of these! 
Our last missionary - Elder Edwards from Kaysville, Utah - arrived on Wednesday after having been trained at the Provo MTC. That's always a long flight.
Our second dinner at the mission home after the missionaries had their first experience of actually tracting. They had some good stories to share.
The missionaries found one of the world's largest insects - The Weta - it is only found in New Zealand and is said to be older than the dinosaurs. It was a star. They do bite!
Table #1
Table #2
Table #3 (Good thing is was a beautiful day) New Zealand is still having a drought. The worst in 70 years.
Our whole group.
There is always room for desert. Especially if it includes New Zealand Ice Cream.

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