Saturday, February 23, 2013

New Mission for New Zealand

"I believe there is nothing in all the world that can compare with the joy that a man feels when he realizes that he has been the instrument in the hands of the living God of reaching some honest heart, inspiring in it a love of God and the desire to serve Him."
-President Heber J. Grant-

The Church has created a third mission in New Zealand! It is the New Zealand Hamilton Mission with President Charles A. Rudd presiding. We don't have any details on the boundaries of this mission yet but will look forward to welcoming more missionaries to the North.

Elder Andrew O'Riordan with President Kezerian at the Hastings Stake Conference. Elder O'Riordan is an Area Seventy from Australia.
 Titahi Bay District - Sister Kezerian, Sister Ramirez, Sister Glenn, Sister Fitisemanu, Elder Ilai and Elder Hunt.

 Porirua District - Elder Vagaia, Elder Hori, Elder Tautua'a, Sister Kezerian, Elder Langi, Elder Van Beek and Elder Teaupa.
 Wellington District - Elder Heinricks, Elder Cottle, Elder Nuualuga, Elder Fonua and Elder Ames.
 Welcome Elder and Sister Edwards from American Fork, Utah. We are so blessed to have them!
Elder and Sister Farnes ready for the Art Deco Days in Napier.
 The Hastings Stake in Hawkes Bay provided quite a spread!

Everything was so good!
Senior Couple Event on the North Island. We were able to hear testimonies from Elder and Sister Overton before their return home. They have served as Family History Missionaries in Wellington. Thank you Elder and Sister Overton!(Next to President and Sister Kezerian)

Thanks ladies!
Elder Makalio, Elder Turner and Elder Nyfeler - Flat inspection time - I hope they passes!
Elder Wehipeihana and Elder Balacano in Blenheim.
Leadership Training in the Southland Zone.
Senior Couple Retreat South Island photo 5918ab77-30b3-49bd-a2ed-6f166bc2a188_zps893f4f65.jpg
Senior Couple South Island Training for Family History and the mission. Back: Sister and Elder Turner, Sister and Elder Freeman, Sister Chelius, Elder and Sister Jarvis, Sister and Elder Chesley, Elder and Sister Smith. Front: Elder and Sister Little, Sister Nation, Sister and President Kezerian, Sister and Elder Webb.

Final days for Sister Nation and Sister Chelius. The are Family History Missionaries but have served where ever and in whatever capacity they could. Thank you sisters!
Sister McVey's last day in the mission. Elder and Sister McVey have had an emergency situation with a sweet little grandson occur and they will be returning home to aid their daughter and her family. Our prayers are with them. They have not only served in Family History but they also held Family Home Evenings and other events with the YSA in the area along with helping missionaries plan and prepare for educational opportunities after their missions.

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