Sunday, September 16, 2012

2 Elders from Samoa and 2 Elder from Tonga join our Missionary Force

Charity is especially important in missionary work. Its influence, radiated by the missionary, helps to create within the investigator a desire to learn and softens his heart to the truth. Charity can fill the missionary with an unquenchable desire to serve his fellowmen. Without it, as difficulties arise and proselyting seems unfruitful, he may lose interest and slacken his pace. But with Christlike love, the missionary will persevere through adversity because he becomes a caring and dutiful messenger of 
Christ. A Christlike love for others can purify a missionary's motives and consecrate his labor and true desire to share the gospel.
David B. Haight
Back- President and Sister Kezerian, Elder Windhausen, Elder Mataia, Elder Hemi Front - Elder Langi, Elder Brown, Elder Otuhouma

 Christchurch Zone
 Zone Leader Council
 Back: Elder Hemi, Elder Lu, Elder Tepaki, Elder Vaemolo, Elder Key, Elder Hopoate, Elder Leendertz, Elder Niutua, Elder Heindricks, Elder Neill, Elder Windhausen. Front: Elder Barnes, Sister and President Kezerian, Elder Greer, and Elder Strausser.
Near Oamaru

 Blue Penguin Colony
 President Gaskill invited us to see the penguins. There are over 75,000 visitors every year.
The area where the penguin colony is located was once a quarry where rock was taken for the development of the Oamaru Harbour. The quarry ceased operating in the 1970's and the site was abandoned. After this, the penguins began coming ashore and nesting in the old quarry..

 Elder Palmer and Elder Fahina near Oamaru Harbour.
Looking out at the bay in Oamaru.

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