Friday, August 17, 2012

Our Largest Intake

If we have the Spirit of the Lord to guide us, we can teach any person, no matter how well educated, any place in the world. The Lord knows more than any of us, and if we are his servants, acting under his Spirit, he can deliver his message of salvation to each and every soul.
-Dallin H. Oaks-

In order to get all of our 14 new missionaries home from the airport we had to rent an extra van.
Back Row: Elder Pasa, Sister Kezerian, President Kezerian, Elder Lelenoa, Elder Windhausen, Elder Vui, Elder Sasagi, Elder Tuihalangingie, Elder Makalio, Elder Taufa, Elder Uasila'a. Front: Elder Ma'asi, Elder Elkington, Elder Toomalatai, Elder Raston, Sister Touli and Sister Kirifi.
 At the mission office everyone received their first assignment and prepared to get out and do the work.
 The Office Missionaries and Elder and Sister Brazzeal and the Assistants to the President went over their areas of responsibility and explained  general mission rules.
 This is our first intake of missionaries who were out exercising and jogging early in the morning before breakfast. They are going to stay fit.
 President Kezerian put up the new basketball net just in time.
 Elder Raston must have been the referee.

 Another obvious talent we saw in our new group of missionaries was their ability to sing. Wow!

Sister Kirifi and Sister Touli jumped right in to clean up after dinner. Thank you Sisters!

 We love Elder and Sister Risenmay and appreciate all they've done to service valiantly. We visited Gore to say goodbye and thank you! The last district meeting with the Risenmay's we heard their testimonies and felt their love for the people they've served.

 Sister Tailasa headed home to Fiji. Thank you for your service!
Our new office couple, Elder and Sister Freeman, will be well trained by Elder and Sister Brazzeal. Although, they have already served as an office couple in Hawaii. They will bring all of their previous knowledge and experience here to share with us. Welcome!!
 We enjoy all the beautiful sights in New Zealand from Bluff on the south island to Napier on the North Island.

Mount Damper Falls
 Mount Taranaki
 This time of year we are seeing many new lambs across the countryside.
Thank you Sister Hirchi for sharing wonderful pictures with us. Elder Temahuki, Elder Kaka, Elder Hogge, Elder Tukukino, Elder Fifita and Elder Hehepoto with Elder and Sister Hirschi just before transfers.

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