Saturday, January 21, 2012

Visiting the Christchurch Zone

 After the last earthquake in Christchurch, we were visiting Elder Robins and Elder Fifita and they showed us the fence in front of their flat that had fallen down. They even have a video of when the earthquake occurred.  We feel very blessed that no Elders or Sisters had any harm come to them.
 This beautiful Presbyterian Church in Ashburton is another example of the wonderful cathedrals we see frequently.
 This picture of the Canterbury District was taken in front of the Neiders home in Ashburton. This cute boy and his mother (who is the Relief Society President) came by just as we arrived. He was selling Oreo Cookies and I think we bought him out.
 There was damage from the earthquake to this home. It's hard to see but it actually sank and we could see cracks in the walls.
 This is a pile of liquefaction. This mushy mess comes up into the houses and yards and people have to shovel it out in the street and the council has it picked up and taken away. If you don't get it out it solidifies and becomes kind of like cement.
You can see the tire tracks. Some cars were stuck in this. 

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