Sunday, January 22, 2012

Returning Home

 Elder Lekias, Elder Tuipulotu, Elder Lemalu and Elder Finlinson. Our two assistants aren't going home yet thank goodness they are just helping out.
 Elder Tuipulotu, Elder Kavaefiafi, Elder MacTavish and Elder Palsky.
 Elder Poll, Elder Levin, and Elder Lemalu.
Back: Elder Poll, Elder Lekias, Elder Tuipulotu, Elder Palsky, Elder Haynes, and Elder Flakemore. Front: Elder Purcell, Elder Kavaefiafi, Elder Levin and Elder Mac Tavish. All of these fine Elders have served so faithfully. We're so grateful for our association with them. We know they will all continue to give service and be great leaders in the church. Once a missionary, always a missionary. What a great group! Sister Taabua also left with this group. Her flight to Kiribati was a day earlier than everyone else. She will be missed. We love them all.

With these missionaries departing we now have 88 Elders(5 more should be here soon, they are delayed with Visa issues), 17 Sisters (1 more coming in two weeks after she finishes her English Language Classes), 26 Senior Missionaries (18 member support, office and proselyting missionaries, 6 family history missionaries and 2 CES). So currently we have 131 missionaries. We will be welcoming more senior couples soon!

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  1. My parents served as Mission President of the NZWM from 2002-2005. I stumbled across your blog tonight and love the experiences that you're capturing throughout your time in Aotearoa. I finished high school in Tawa while my parents served, and seeing the photos of zone conferences and meals at the Mission Home (my home for a few years) brings back so many wonderful memories for me.

    God bless you, and make the most of your time there... My parents wish they could go back every day- as do I!

    Preach the Good Word!