Sunday, May 11, 2014

We Are All Enlisted

"The world is in need of our help. Are we doing all we should? do we remember the words of President John Taylor: 'If you do not magnify your callings, God will hold you responsible for those whom you might have saved had you done your duty.' There are feet to steady, hands to grasp, minds to encourage, hearts to inspire, and souls to save. The blessings of eternity await you. Yours is the privilege to be not spectators but participants on the stage of . . . service."
-President Thomas S. Monson-

 Sister Toutai, Sister Nowers and Sister Carter - We will miss you. What great missionaries!
Elder Tu'ihalangingie, Elder Kaka, Elder Riki (New Zealand), Elder Raihauti (Tahiti), Elder Tarati (Tahiti), President and Sister Kezerian, Elder Cuthbertson and Elder Tokoara (Cook Islands). Front: Sister Toutai (New Zealand), Sister Carter (Idaho, USA), Sister Nowers (Utah, USA), and Sister White (French Polynesia). Thank you for returning with honor.

Our wonderful office missionaries serving up a feast. Sister Ingles, Sister McGregor and Sister Eames.
Sister Nielsen and Sister Watene-Zelezniak.
 photo 68adfb73-702c-4a3f-8c6e-46094b2f2fd6_zps2f41d743.jpg
Sister Training Leaders- one from each Zone- caring for their sisters.
Thank you Elder and Sister Christensen for your faithful service in Hawkes Bay.
Napier District hastily getting to work after District Meeting.
Just one quick picture before you go?
Sister Crankshaw and Sister Gilmour. Cute new haircut Sister Crankshaw!
Hastings District- Sister Crankshaw, Sister Gilmour, Elder Passey, Elder Anderson, Elder Nordlin, Elder Loveless and Elder Schumaker. Missing Elder Tonga, Elder Purcell, Elder Dorius, Elder Parker and Elder Cook.
 photo 84adfecf-062b-48d3-ab92-e76713ab1b35_zps2aef1921.jpg
Look who we found! One of our returned missionaries - Sister Cameron!! Sweet reunion.
Following District meeting we had a visit from another returned missionary - Elder Kelly, his darling wife Felicity and his mum and dad. Can't believe we didn't get a picture but it was great to visit.
Flaxmere District- Elder Pei, Elder Brown, Elder Seabury, Elder Nyfeler, Elder Gordon, Elder Berryhill, Elder Clark, Sister Haacke and Sister Puletua.
Those of you from Brisbane will recognize this view no doubt. This was the location for the Mission President's Seminar for the Pacific Area.
Evidently this river is home to a large population of Bull Sharks! We are glad the missionaries don't go swimming!
We wish we could use this bike system in our mission. Always a working bike available!
Another beautiful Cathedral.
Just like New Zealand - more clock towers.
We took a quick walk before the seminar began and saw all these Scouts (maybe cub scouts).
We'd never seen a tree like this. Does anyone from Australia know what it is?

Luckily we got to see Sister Wu on our short stay. This dear returned missionary even taught some of you missionaries in the MTC in Hamilton. Now she is finishing up school in Brisbane.

Elder Flakemore and his darling wife Imaima and his son Malachi were visiting from Tasmania. It was great to catch up.
Cleaning up after District meeting in Masterton.
Elder Uasila'a and Elder Tuckett.
 Our mission van, alias "Death Star" saw his last day in the mission this week. He gave his all!
 Sister Hann participating in our mission wide day of cleaning. We are going to be bug, insect and dirt free. Thank you for all your efforts missionaries!

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