Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sister Training Leaders!

"Because true believers are "meek and lowly of heart," they are ready to be taught things they "never had supposed" as was Moses, the most meek man upon the earth. Let the intellectually proud pace up and down in their tight conceptual cells if they choose, but the humble find such too confining.
Two other virtues of the meek are that they are not easily offended and they do not resist counsel. Nor are these lowly in heart inclined to see themselves as being "above"all the seemingly routine duties of discipleship. Duties are not to be rejected on the basis of "I've done all that before," as if God were required to supply us with new thrills. Mortality has been described by the Lord as being like working in a vineyard-never as an afternoon at a carnival. Besides, how could we pretend to be true believers of Christ, if we shunned the chores of the kingdom!
Furthermore, brothers and sisters, we will find that when we have personal spiritual experience - which keep us close to the Lord - these will almost always occur in the course of our carrying out the specific duties named earlier, since it is not enough for us to have once been close to the Savior. Alma said, it we have once "felt to sing the song of redeeming love, "can we feel so now?" Dutiful discipleship creates many happy memories, but it does not make nostalgia a substitute for fresh achievement. Instead of having a "woeful countenance,"the true believer in Christ has a disciplined enthusiasm to work righteousness. As, week after week, he tries to help people who "droop in sin" the electricity of his enthusiasm for righteousness helps to brace and to straighten the sad."
-Elder Neal A. Maxwell-
You can't go too far in New Zealand without running into a beautiful shoreline. 

 photo cb0c76f9-f03d-4d65-a72f-f57926881092_zpsdde4b506.jpg
Our first Sister Training Leaders - Sister Nowers, Sister Fitisemanu, Sister Taleni, Sister Carter and Sister Saunders.
 photo 19430253-d086-47aa-824d-3c516c6c7359_zpsbf9bc416.jpg
Another first - Instead of Zone Leader Council we now hold Mission Leader Council. Back: Elder Tu'ihalangingie, Elder Van Beek, Elder Hunt, Elder Godinet, Elder Ma'u, Elder Salaivao, Elder Kaka, Elder Smith, Elder Atkinson, Elder Bender, Elder Siale, Elder Barnes, Elder Armstrong, Elder Howard, Sister Carter, President and Sister Kezerian. Front: Elder Cottle, Elder Petaia, Sister Nowers, Sister Fitisemanu, Sister Taleni and Sister Saunders.
 Not only the beaches and shoreline are beautiful, notice the clouds! Thus Aotearoa - Land of the long white cloud.
 Our new sister office missionaries - Sister Eames and Sister Ingles. Everyone will come to know and love these two dear sisters. Now you can put a face with those kind voices.
 President Kezerian is still pushing A&W Rootbeer. You'ld think we have stock in the company but actually, he loves it so much, he can't think of a better reward for the appreciation he feels for our awesome mission leaders.
More A&W.

 If any of you recognize President Kezerian's desk - it's now been reassigned - anything for the Sisters! When the Sisters are happy everyone is happy! That great wisdom came from raising 5 daughters.
We welcome Elder Tagi! He may only be with us a short while but we're grateful his visa hasn't come yet!
While at the office  Elder Kaka was flipping through some books we had out and he found a picture of both of his Grandparents who served as labour missionaries here in New Zealand.
Then he found a picture of Elder Hemi's grandpa.
 photo 8eae7777-5083-4052-a166-dd07759cba99_zps2197fee8.jpg
Then he found a picture of his brother when he attended BYU-Hawaii. He is the one on the farthest right. BYU-Hawaii is the most internationally diverse campus in the country. At the time his brother attended there were students from over 70 countries.
Wellington New Zealand Mission Reunion at BYU-Hawaii!
Hopefully everyone connected with their Mother on Mother's Day! I appreciated the Happy Mother's Day Wishes and express my love to one and all!!

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