Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Missionaries, Returning Missionaries

As we see our missionaries returning home after dedicating their time, talents, energy and strength to serving with all their hearts, we hope they exemplify what Elder James E, Faust once said:
"Our young elders are models of young manhood. When they come home, some are criticized as being self-righteous for maintaining a decent appearance and keeping their hair trimmed neatly. I cannot understand why a returned missionary is considered self-righteous if he tries to live the standards and principles he has taught as a representative of the Lord to the people where he has served. Of course returned missionaries are not expected to wear white shirts and ties all of the time. But wearing sloppy clothes and weird hairstyles to supposedly look trendy is not proper for one who holds the divine commission of the priesthood. Returned missionaries are an examples to the young men of the Aaronic Priesthood, who will be the future missionaries. Often that which is seen by the Aaronic Priesthood is more powerful and persuasive than what is said. 
Men and women often attempt to gain notice and approval of the group from whom they seek acceptance. Such peer pressure may cause them to do things they would not otherwise do. This is acting out of weakness, not strength."

President Spencer W. Kimball said: 
"It always pleases me when I go to a community and I see the returned missionaries still well dressed, well groomed, and having their testimony and . . . are eager to give the message that they had been teaching all those years.
This intake was all about service and thanks. They were all helping each other pack up and repair clothing so they were ready to serve. We even found thank you notes after they left.
Our newest arrivals. Elder Brown, Sister Paongo, Elder Godinet, and Elder Tautua'a. Welcome!!

 Elder Nelson stayed up way too late packing for home. We were afraid he might miss his flight!
 Elder Finlinson, Elder Philip, Sister Posala, Sister Kezerian, President Kezerian, Elder Bonnefoy-Jenkinson, Elder Windhausen, Front: Elder Booth, Elder Nelson and Elder Scicluna. Farwell and Thank You!

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