Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pacific Area Mission President's Seminar

 This year the Mission President's Seminar was held in Gold Coast, Australia. There were 13 Mission Presidents and their wives, the Area Presidency, our In-field Representative, Area Medical Advisor, director for Temporal Affairs, the New Zealand Missionary Training Centre President and Executive Secretaries.
 The Australian Flag
 There was a break out session for all of the wives in which we received wonderful counsel from Sister Hamula, Sister Pearson and Sister Watson. We all felt motivated to take our missions to the next level.
 While in Australia we meet members of Elder Tukukino's family
 At the conclusion of the seminar we were able to attend the Brisbane Temple.
 Down-town Brisbane.

As at every temple the grounds were beautiful. Attending the temple helped all of us to really gain the vision of what we need to accomplish in our sacred callings. We know we will see more miracles in the mission as each and every missionary comes to understand the reality of revelation and sees and feels more perfectly their duty and what the Lord requires of them.

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