Sunday, July 17, 2011

Neighborhood Party & Farewell

Paul and Becky Lekias will be our neighbors in the mission field. They will be serving in the Auckland, New Zealand Mission. Their son is one of our assistants. We will be in good hands.
Evan and Cindy Schmutz are off to the Phillippines. We've so enjoyed our friendship and association with one another in the Stake this past 7 1/2 years.

We had to take a few of the traditional photos at the MTC. New Zealand will always be our home away from home now.

Nicki and Courtney delivered us to the MTC in Provo after many goodbyes, kisses and hugs. We certainly will miss family and friends but rejoice in the opportunity to serve and have the blessing of knowing that the Lord will be watching over and blessing our family.

We have the most wonderful friends and neighbors with whom we shared a memorable evening of food and fun before we entered the MTC. Dick, Mike, Vernon and Terry all learned the Haka from two professionals. Vernon Marks, having served in New Zealand on his first mission, was an expert.
This should come in handy during Zone Conference and Training Sessions.
We were given many useful tidbits of advise from the Hemmert's and even tools for the mission.

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